Raisin’ Awareness: Did you know raisins are good for hair health?

Clinical Herbalist Reviewed on April 27, 2013 by Paulina Nelega, RH
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Raisin are a convenient, high energy low fat snack that are easy to pack, easy to eat and almost never go bad. They also happen to pack a powerful punch when it comes to strengthening hair and preventing hair loss.

raisins ( one small box of raisins provides a healthy serving of calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins C, K and B-6, potassium and antioxidants – all of which prevent hair loss and stimulate healthy hair growth.

Here’s how.

Calcium is important for hair growth because the hair follicles use it to produce keratinized protein (or keratin), which keeps hair shiny, healthy and strong.

That said, too much calcium might cause hair to become brittle and break, which is why adequate levels of magnesium, which help metabolize calcium, are essential.

Iron is essential to a healthy circulatory system. Circulation and blood flow is vital for hair growth as it helps to stimulate the hair follicles.

Vitamin C improves iron absorption. Vitamin C is also an important structural component of collagen, the most abundant protein in the body. It is also an excellent free radical scavenger (antioxidant) that protects all of the body’s cells, including the hair follicles, against damage from oxidative stress.

Vitamin k promotes healthy hair growth.

Vitamin B-6 increases the flow of blood to the scalp promoting healthy skin which, in turn, creates a good environment for hair growth

Diets high in sale cause excess sodium to accumulate around the hair follicles, preventing absorption of vital nutrients required for healthy hair. This, in turn causes hair loss. Increasing potassium intake will remove excess sodium and eliminate the potassium deficiency and resulting hair loss.

Antioxidants help reduce the impact of free radicals on the scalp and maintain a healthy environment for hair growth.

So go grab yourself a box of raisins and enjoy the healthy, low fat snack knowing that it will help your maintain your luscious locks!

For hair healthy recipes, including those with raisins, check out our Hair Essentials Recipe Board on Pinterest.


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