How Hair Essentials Works

Hair Essentials™ is a leading dietary supplement designed to naturally combat hair loss, repair and revitalize damaged or dormant hair follicles and stimulate healthy hair growth. Combining a contemporary understanding of botanical medicine with the time-honored traditional wisdom of some of the world’s oldest herbal medicine systems, Hair Essentials™:

Hair Follicle


Slows and stops hair loss.

Hair Essentials™ inhibits the production of DHT and the binding of DHT to cell receptors in the hair follicle, encourages hormones responsible for hair growth to stay in balance, as well as reduces scalp inflammation which can lead to hair loss.


Hair Follicle


Repairs and revitalizes damaged or dormant hair follicles.

Hair Essentials™ protects hair follicle cells against oxidative stress and damage, regulates the time hair remains in the dormant stage and stimulates inactive hair follicles.


Hair Follicle


Promotes healthier, thicker, faster-growing hair.

Hair Essentials™ combats free radicals, improves circulation to the scalp, nourishes cells on the scalp creating a healthier environment for hair growth, and provides vital nutrients for the structural development of healthy hair.


Directions and How to Take

Take 3 capsules daily with a meal, or you may space out the capsules and take 1 capsule three times daily. Best taken with food to enhance digestion and absorption of ingredients.

Take consistently for 90 days for best results, and then maintain use as necessary.

If you have trouble swallowing capsules, try tipping your head forward so the capsules float to the back of your throat and then swallow. Alternatively, Hair Essentials™ can be easily poured out of the capsule and mixed with juice, smoothies, water, yogurt, or honey for easier consumption. This will not affect the quality or effectiveness of Hair Essentials.


  • No significant side effects have been reported except for occasional mild stomach upset if taken on an empty stomach, or if one is not accustomed to taking 3 capsules at one time.
  • Herbs such as Saw Palmetto and Fo-Ti, or nutritional supplements containing these herbs, work synergistically in the body to modify certain hormonal profiles. As such, women who are nursing or pregnant should not take Hair Essentials™. Women who have had, or are at risk for, a hormone-related cancer should also not take Hair Essentials™. Hair Essentials™ may alter the effectiveness of birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy; therefore, please discuss with your doctor if you are using either of these.
  • If you are on any medications (including birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), blood thinners, medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, or any other condition), consult your doctor prior to using any natural remedies or supplements, including Hair Essentials™.
  • Hair Essentials™ is for adult usage only (18+ years old). Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed recommended dosage unless directed by your healthcare practitioner.
  • If you have an adverse reaction, discontinue use and consult your doctor.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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