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What is the Hair Essentials program?
How is the Hair Essentials program different from other hair programs and supplements?
How soon will I see results?
Will I need to use Hair Essentials forever?
How do I take Hair Essentials and Fo-Ti Root?
What if I have trouble swallowing capsules?
What happens if I forget to take Hair Essentials and/or Fo-Ti Root for 2 or 3 days?
Are Hair Essentials and Fo-Ti Root safe?
What if I don’t have hair loss and I just want fuller, thicker hair. How will the ingredients that reduce hair loss or repair damaged hair follicles affect my body?
Will Hair Essentials or Fo-Ti Root grow unwanted hair on other parts of my body?
Which herbal traditions does Hair Essentials follow?
Is hair loss reversible?
Why should I choose Hair Essentials?
Does the Hair Essentials program work for all types of female hair loss?
Does the Hair Essentials program work for male hair loss?
Is Hair Essentials and Fo-Ti Root FDA-approved?
Are there any studies to support Hair Essentials?

Ingredients and Manufacturing

I'm concerned about the amount of vitamin A in Hair Essentials. Is it safe? Doesn't too much vitamin A cause hair loss?
Where is Hair Essentials manufactured?
Who makes Hair Essentials?

Side Effects, Precautions, and Use with Medications

Are there any side effects or precautions?
Why can’t I take Hair Essentials if I am nursing or pregnant?
Can I use Hair Essentials with prescription drugs?
Can I take Hair Essentials with other hair loss products like Rogaine?


Does Hair Essentials come with a guarantee?
Who can I contact if I have additional questions?


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