Thyroid related Hair Loss and the Best Treatments

It's estimated that as many as 200 million people worldwide have thyroid disorders.

While the symptoms of thyroid disorders are challenging, many claim thinning hair, hair loss and the change in hair’s texture are some of the most difficult symptoms with which to cope.

Why do thyroid disorders cause hair loss?
How is hair loss due to a thyroid disorder typically treated?
I am on a drug to regulate my thyroid, but I am still losing hair. Any idea why?
Is hair loss caused by thyroid disorders reversible?
Is there anything I can do to prevent hair loss associated with thyroid disorders?


Grow back your Confidence

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More Natural Alternatives

These natural remedies can help encourage healthy hair regrowth.



Oats are a rich source of amino acids, B vitamins, and trace minerals, key nutrients essential for maintaining healthy hair. Plus, they also contain high amounts of soluble fiber, especially important for individuals with hypothyroidism, who often suffer from constipation.


Essential fatty acids (EFAs)

We're all familiar with the health benefits associated with omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs), such as fish oils. Evening primrose oil and borage oil are rich sources of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a healthy omega-6 EFA that has been shown to reduce inflammation, especially of the skin and scalp. Inflammation in the hair follicles can lead to hair loss—so boost your healthy omegas!


Green Tea

Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) has been well-documented for its many health benefits, including helping to regulate the thyroid gland and improve metabolism.

Some individuals with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism appear to more readily convert testosterone to DHT. Recently there has been some suggestion that Green Tea may provide an anti-androgenic effect in the body; studies have shown that a higher intake of Green Tea leads to higher levels of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), a protein which prevents testosterone from converting to DHT.

Green Tea also contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols which scavenge free-radicals that cause oxidative stress and damage to the hair follicles. Research suggests that Green Tea can help reduce inflammation, providing a healthier scalp environment for hair growth. By drinking Green Tea, using a Green Tea extract, or even rinsing your hair with Green Tea, you can benefit from its healing properties.


Consider going gluten-free

According to research reported in the medical journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences, a significant number of patients with autoimmune thyroid disease also have celiac disease. Celiac disease is a disorder that causes the intestines to react abnormally to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut, and other related grains. According to a 2001 study, most patients with hypothyroidism normalized after a year of following a strict gluten-free diet. Researchers concluded that, “gluten withdrawal may single-handedly reverse the abnormality.” A growing amount of research suggests that when people adopt a gluten-free diet, not only do their celiac-related antibody levels improve, but their thyroid antibody levels also decrease. In addition, many clinicians report that eating a gluten-free diet may help improve thyroid function even if people do not have celiac disease. And did you know that Hair Essentials™ is certified gluten-free?


Chromotherapy Color

Chromotherapy color also know as color therapy, is based on the belief that color, particularly projected colored light, can be used to balance and regulate energy and dysfunction in the body. The color blue relates to the throat chakra, an area of vital energy. Associated parts in the throat chakra include the thyroid gland; through color therapy, the color blue is used to "jump-start" the metabolism (thyroid) and build physical vitality, while having a healing, cooling and soothing influence.