Healthy Hair Growth after Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania, known simply as ‘trich’, is a hair pulling disorder that often leads to noticeable hair loss and affects 1 out of 50 people. Trichotillomania is currently defined as an impulse control disorder, and may be considered a body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB), similar to skin picking and nail biting.


Top Issues for Trichotillomania Hair Loss

Below we address some common concerns regarding trichotillomania and natural alternatives to combating the urge to pull. If your question is not addressed, feel free to contact one of our experts by clicking to the left.

Who typically suffers from trichotillomania?
Why do people pull their hair?
What is trichotillomania typically treated?
Is hair loss caused by trichotillomania reversible?


Natural and Alternative Treatments for Trichotillomania

Try these natural remedies and treatments to help conquer trichotillomania and encourage healthy hair regrowth. It is important to consult your physician before pursuing these alternatives.


Try homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic medicines are mind and body medicines; and since trichotillomania is a disorder that affects both mind and body, the holistic approach of homeopathy may prove to be an effective system of medicine for treatment of trichotillomania.


Consider the use of N-acetylcysteine supplements.

A 2009 study out of the University of Minnesota concluded that N-acetylcysteine (NAC), an amino acid used as a prescription drug and as a dietary supplement, demonstrated statistically significant reductions in trichotillomania symptoms.


Consider the use of inositol.

Since the early 1970s, a number of papers have been published on the use of inositol, one of the B-vitamins, in the treatment of OCD, depression, and anxiety; and in 2001, the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry published case reports that indicated inositol may help in the treatment of trichotillomania. Inositol is converted by the body to a substance that regulates the action of serotonin within brain cells and may help control the urge to pull one’s hair.


Research self-help books and videos.

If you do an internet search for trichotillomania treatment options, a variety of self-help books and videos appear in the results. Many of these self-help programs are designed by previous sufferers.


Supplement your diet with Hair Essentials™.

While Hair Essentials™ can’t stop the urge to pull, it can help to naturally combat scalp inflammation and repair follicles damaged by pulling. Hair Essentials™ provides more than 20 all-natural, hair-healthy vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and other nutrients that support active recovery from trichotillomania and nourish strong, healthy hair regrowth. Hair Essentials™ is formulated to help reduce inflammation, repair damaged follicles, and reinvigorate dormant ones. Its ingredients are absorbed and delivered to the scalp where they quickly work to help restore healthy hair growth and nourish thicker, stronger new hair growth.